Tallit by the Weaving Creation Studios at Nellie's Nauticals Judaica Store

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These Tallit are made from fine cotton threads, carefully handwoven on traditional looms by the artists of Weaving Creation in Israel. They have special prayers & songs before and during the weaving of these prayer shawls so each Tallit is full of good energy and love, as well as praying for success on behalf of the recipient of the Tallit. Weaving Creation, known as Maaseh Oreg in Hebrew, is a studio that preserves the ancient craft of weaving, practiced by the Jewish nation for thousands of years. The craftsmen at Weaving Creation, Yosef Gabso and Ori Farhan, put their heart and soul into each of their creations with an emphasis on exquisite detail work, texture and vibrant colors. They weave them with love and respect, knowing that you will use them on the most important occasions in life, for Bar Mitzvah, weddings and during prayers. Yosef discovered the skill of weaving in the ancient city of Tzfat, where he studied the Torah, Kabbalah and apprenticed with a master. Ori grew up in the very secular environment of Kibbutz Givat Chaim. The art of weaving was an integral part of his return to mitzvah observance, enabling him to return to his roots. They tie the Tzitzit in Ashkenazi style. If you prefer different style of tying please mention it in your order. Each one is specially woven for you and no two are alike. Please allow about three weeks for the preparation.