The Logbook

July 11th, Monday 2016

7:30 am Koontz Machine Shop

Coos Bay, Oregon

clear skies and a 12 mile motor navigating the bay

to reach Charleston Harbor

10:30 am

July 13th -17th

NOAA small craft advisory in effect: NW winds 35knots, wind waves 4-6ft, swell W 7ft at 7 sec.

We spent this time repairing working jib and general engine maintenance on the inboard Atomic 4. 


July 20th, Wednesday 2016

12:00 pm Charleston Harbor

Coos Bay, Oregon

NW winds 5-10 knots, NE swell 3-4ft

Crossed the bar, about 3 miles offshore and sails were up. Averaged about 4 mph while keeping about 7 miles offshore. Sighted a pod of dolphins.

7:00 pm winds ceased. about 4 miles offshore now, radioed Bandon Harbormaster for bar conditions & motored into their marina.

8:00 pm

July 23rd-27th

NOAA small craft advisory in effect: N winds exceeding 30 knots & steep seas 8-12ft at Cape Blanco.

*Advisory has been extended with winds exceeding 40knots, seas wind driven & steep 10-15ft.


August 23rd, Tuesday 2016

Brookings Harbor

Chris repaired bow cleat and installed an new tow cleat of its own on bow with 3 inch thick 12x18 inch piece of mahogany as a backing plate inside, and reinforced with fiberglass.

We also were able to help NOAA become aware of their buoy being malfunctioning as it was and not giving accurate readings.

While here we were able to see our good friend Leon Kramer, a laid back South African Jew who works and lives boats himself.

August 30th, Tuesday 2016

10:23 am Brookings Harbor, Oregon

SW wind 5 knots, swell NW 2-8ft at 8 sec

Motor sailed about 23 miles. Average speed 3.6 mph. Dolphin & sea lion sightings.

5:30 Crescent City, California

While here, ordered parts from Moyer Marine and worked on Atomic 4. Valve adjustments and replaced all gaskets.

Baby Nellie

July 26th Wednesday, 2017

Welcomed Nelville Livingston into our lives!

2018: After what seemed endless maintenance and rebuilds on the Atomic 4, and realizing we do need a reliable auxiliary motor (for the seas in the northwest don't always allow you to sail) we made the decision to purchase a 1990 Honda 8hp outboard motor for the transom of Chilote.

September 15th, Saturday 2018

10:30 am Eureka California

N 40° 48. W 124° 09.

Forcasted weather: N winds 5-15 knots, swell W 3ft at 11 sec. Humboldt Bay bar crossing at 11:45 am

About 2 miles offshore. Seas were flat, no wind at all. Sighted a pod of dolphins. We motored around Cape Mendocino & Punta Gorda safely with what fishing vessel captains of the area claimed to be the calmest conditions they have ever seen. In this area we ran parralle with a large group of whales heading south too. Sunset just before Shelter Cove. We continued to motor the rest of the night.

1:00 pm Sunday, Noyo river basin

Approximately 108 miles, average speed 5.5 mph

N 39° 25. W 123° 48.

Mendocino Coast
Chris & Plez
Coos Bay

August 20th, Saturday 2016

2:15 pm Bandon, Oregon

W winds 5 knots, mixed swell 3-4ft, clear skies

3:00 crossed, about 5-6 miles offshore.

Winds were less than 5 knts continued to motor on an approximate 200 degree heading averaging 3.8 mph. At Cape Blanco engine stopped getting water. Shut it off. Chris checked the impeller which was still intact. Inspected sea strainer. It was entirely with seaweed. Cleared it out, replaced with good water, blew out hose to clear thru hole, and reattached strainer. Engine back running, which is good because still not a sufficient amount of wind so decided to keep motoring.

Fog after sunset made visibility very poor.

12:00 am Shut engine off. Jib was already up for stabilization and visibility. Averaged 2 knts when we raised the main. The two of us used this time to take extended shifts at the helm & rest.

6:30 am Increasing visibility as the sun approached sunrise. Was about 10 miles offshore due to the direction of the little wind there was, but rounded Fox rock safely. Turned engine on to make some more progress south.

9:00 am turned engine off to reserve fuel. Radioed coast guard for weather forecast. Informed us there would be afternoon wind, a good amount, so we lowered the mainsail to prepare. Location: approximately 3 miles north of Gold Beach.

12:30 pm winds increased to 20 knts, swell 12ft, and wind waves extreme.

2:30 pm waves began crashing over transom, conditions very rough, called Coast Guard. Their lifeboat of Gold Beach came out to assist us. They attached a tow line to Chilote.

Due to high speed and surfing, the portside bowline of the yoke ripped the cleat off our boat. Chris on deck engineered a single tow line on anchor chainplate while I heaved to. After 3 hours of towing with difficult steering in rough conditions Coast Guard lifeboat of Brookings met us and transferred our line.

11:45 pm Brooking transient dock

0 gal. of fuel

always find your way

September 22nd, Thursday 2016

9:00 am Crescent City California

Forecasted weather: N winds 10-15knots, swell N 5ft 11 sec & W 2ft at 6 sec.

Not so much wind as thought so we motor sailed reaching Trinidad after dark were we had planned on anchoring, so we continued on to Eureka. When we arrived outside Eureka's entrance dense fog made for zero visibility. On the radio were able to communicate with the F/V Sea Princess.

2:00 am followed the Sea Princess through the bar safely and travelled the rest of the way up Humboldt Bay to Woodley Island Marina.

So this is were we stayed for a couple of years. Chris was given the opportunity to have major back & neck surgery in effort to better his life in the long run. It took lots of recovery time for healing. Eureka was a nice place, Woodley Island was itself a bird sanctuary. I found myself working in a bakery making cakes and baklava which was nice on cold rainy days.

Humbodlt County

October of 2018

We got the inboard running well enough we thought until we made our attempt to leave Fort Bragg. Reaching the outside can after crossing the bar we had engine failure. We used the outboard to return and asses the problems. Yet another attempt to leave with engine failure just as we shoved off the dock and this time the outboard would not start. We realized then that the little Honda would not have enough power to do us any good on the blue water also, our trip was just a miracle. Tirelessly worked on the motor all month while in a transient slip at the harbor. It became a time were the winter weather had closed in on us and we would not be able to continue south. At an extreme high tide ( Chilote has a 7ft draft) we went up river to Dolphin Isle Marina were we would spend about a year & a half. I worked at a gas station & Chris worked for the marina.

July 2nd, Thursday 2020

It was time to leave Fort Bragg, especially true because of "the pandemic". We spent so much time and money on the Atomic 4, got her running better than she ever had with new carburetor, fuel system, ect. just for her transmission to fail. So we used a good chunk of our cruising kitty we saved and purchased a 2020 Yamaha T.9.9 xphb. No reservations or regrets. Its a wonderful motor. It was also crucial that we leave, I had already quit my job and we had checked out of Dolphin Isle and were on the transient dock paying those fee's at the lower harbor.

August 16th, Sunday 2020

9:30 am Noyo River Fort Bragg California

N 39° 25.762' W 123° 51.449'

Light variable winds, NW swell 3-4 at 7sec 

2:30 pm comfortable conditions with some fog.

4:00 pm around Point Arena approximately 4 miles offshore approaching Fish Rocks seas become more lumpy & bumpy. Winds went from 6 knots to 15 knots quickly and increased from there. 

8:30 pm Sunset conditions continued to get worse. Sails were down at this point as we were now in a lightning & thunder storm. The Yamaha outboard did preform well and the Raymarine wheel pilot may have been the only way to have been able to handle such rough seas. About 10 miles from Bodega buoy we radioed Coast Guard around 2:30 am Monday to let them know of our arrival and ask of any hazards of their entrance. F/V Flying Dutchman of Bodega Bay responded and offered assistance of leading us to the channel entrance.

4:00 am In extreme low tide and a strong outgoing current Chris navigated the notoriously dangerous channel in dark perfectly & got us to Spud Point Marina on a dock.  

August 17th, Monday 2020

5:00 am Bodega Bay

N 38° 19.865' W 123° 03.428'

102 miles with an average speed of 5.5 mph & a max speed 10 mph.

Actual reported weather:

Category 2 lightning storm 35 knot winds, gusts up to 45 knots. NW swell 6ft at 7 sec + W swell 4ft at 11 sec+ SW swell 3ft at 14 sec & extreme wind waves.

Half Moon Bay Pelicans
Half Moon Bay Pelicans

October 7th, Wednesday 2020

7:30 am Pillar Point Harbor mooring

N 37° 28.9' W 122° 19.0'

Cloudy & Hazy. Light variable winds. NW swell 3.6ft at 10 sec. 2:00 pm at Ano Nuevo weather changed. Winds increased to about 14 knots with 4ft steep wind waves and a crazy mixed swell.

5:00 pm came around Santa Cruz Point towards the harbor which was about a mile from the pier.

5:30 pm Santa Cruz Harbor

N 36° 56.3' W 122° 0.6'

Approximately 52 miles average speed 5 knots.

October 10th, Saturday 2020

9:00 am Santa Cruz Harbor

Lovely morning weather with the sun breaking through a few clouds. The bay was flat with little wind. Sighted one small whale while about 3 miles offshore. At one point hundreds of jellyfish were swimming with the boat. We could see fog rolling in behind us.

1:30 pm Moss Landing Harbor

N 36° 47.9 W 121° 48.1

Approximately 15 miles with an average speed of 4 knots

October 15th, Thursday 2020

9:45 am Moss Landing Harbor

N 36° 47.9' W 121° 48.1'

SE wind 7 mph W swell around 6ft at 10 sec & NW swell around 7ft at 13 sec. Motored across Monterey Bay. Sighted several pods of whales.

12:45 Montery Harbor

N 36° 36.50' W 121° 53.34'

Approximately 13 miles average speed 5 knots

Big Sur Sunset
Monterey Harbor
Morro Bay
Morro Bay
Morro Bay

December 29th, Tuesday 2020

10:00 am Santa Barbara Harbor

Light variable winds & W swell 4-6ft at 11 sec. Winds picked up a little in the afternoon at Carpinteria. At one point we had lost a little speed possibly due to current of the dragging of large kelp. We had several pods of dolphins swim with us on this trip. Identified the Ventura pier and began making our approach to Ventura's breakwater. High ground swell at the entrance.

4:00 pm Ventura Harbor

N 34° 14.8' W 119° 16.2'

Approximately 27 miles average speed 5 mph

January 1st, Friday 2021

9:00 am Ventura Harbor

Light wind W swell 4ft at 12 sec

10:00 am Mandalay bay power plant abeam, weather changed to 25 knt East wind, wind waves, and a 5-7ft swell. Luckily we hadn't put up sails and we didn't have far to go cause it was rough.

11:00 am Channel Islands Harbor

N 34° 09.3' W 119° 13.8'

Approximately 11 miles average 5mph

January 3rd, Saturday 2021

9:00 am Channel Islands Harbor

E winds 5 knots W swell 6ft at 13 sec.

When exiting the harbor, the surf immediately to port was breaking at 13ft. Lots of dolphins as we headed to Point Mugu. It's deep water canyons created a little bumpy conditions. 3:00 pm rounded Point Dume into the Santa Monica bay where wind became little and the sea became smooth. Some low clouds in the sky.

5:00 pm Sunset. Heading toward Santa Monica with its city identified as we began to loose light. Not able to identify Marina Del Rey's entrance or breakwater until right up on it because of all the city lights and the lights of LAX. Successfully made it inside the channel and got into a guest slip at Burton Chase.

7:00 pm Marina Del Rey

N 33° 57.9' W 118° 27.7'

Approximately 52 miles average 5.1 mph

Foggy LA
Los Angeles
Foggy LA

January 12th, Tuesday 2021

10:00 am Newport Beach Harbor

Light winds W swell 2-3ft at 14 sec, a great day on the water, clear skies. Despite being another leg we had to motor.

1:00 pm Dana Point Harbor

N 33° 27.3' W 117° 41.5'

Approximately 17.5 miles average speed 5.7 mph

Anchored in the head of the west basin.

January 14th, Thursday 2021

9:30 am Dana Point Harbor

Light wind W swell 2-4ft at 11 sec

Motored past San Onofre and through the military practice area. Lots of dolphins and sea lions playing together. Temperature in the mids 70's. Approaching closer to shore swell increased to 5-6ft and at Oceanside entrance, surfed a set of 7ft swell inside the breakwater.

2:00 pm Oceanside Harbor

N 33° 10.7' W 117° 24.0'

Approximately 26.5 miles average 5.6 mph

January 15th, Friday 2021

8:45 Oceanside Harbor

SE wind 5-10 knt W swell 2-4ft at 12 sec. Seas were flat most of the way. Not much wind either. Sunny. About 4 miles offshore as we passed Carlsbad, Encinitas, Del Mar, & La Jolla lots of dolphins swam alongside. Rounded La Jolla into Mission Bay. Swells were about 5ft at this time. Decided to keep on into San Diego seeing Point Loma and being about 3:00 pm. About 2.5 miles off the point, still experiencing lots of lobster pods and kelp. At one point kelp & seagrass foiled the prop of our outboard. Needing the engine, because lack of wind, shut it off and got as much of it with what we could reach. Started it back up and continued on, trying to avoid & dodge pods and kelp.

5:00 pm arrived at San Diego entrance as the sun is setting. Made our way up the channel with lots of boat traffic to shelter island were the police dock is. We were given a complimentary mooring on a quarantine ball for the night.

6:30 San Diego Harbor

N 32° 43.518' W 117° 11.160'

Approximately 45 miles average speed 5.1 mph

January 16th, Saturday 2021

Received permit for anchoring from San Diego Harbor Police. Dropped hook in the A-9 anchorage. We would be here for the next 3 months while we get everything ready for International travel. It was here where after the first week we experienced gale force winds in a storm. Unfortunately we lost our hard dingy then. But its okay because we then were blessed with our inflatable zodiac. We then purchased a Hangkai 2 stroke outboard for it. This is the first that Chris doesn't have to row in 5 knot currents like he has been doing for all this time.


Fishing Vessel

September 1st, Tuesday 2020

7:30 am Bodega Bay California

N 38° 19.865' 123° 03.428'

S wind 10 knots WNW swell 5ft at 9 sec & 2ft at 11 sec, and 2ft wind waves

2:00 pm approaching Point Reyes conditions unfavorable. Average speed of 3.5 knots. Rounded Point Reyes safely.

4:30 pm dropped anchor in Drakes Bay sharing the large beautiful bay with only three other fishing vessels that came in later that night. Unfortunately did not get much sleep because possibly south swell and a full moon made for a lot of rolling. Sighted one pod of dolphins and lots of whales.

September 2nd, Wednesday 2020

7:00 am Drakes Bay California

N 38° 0138' W 122° 9550'

Light wind and flat seas. Cloudy. Several more whale sightings

1:30 pm reached San Fransico transit zone. Orbited to allow two cargo ships and one barge to pass. Made our crossing at bouys' 3 &4 just before another barge would be coming.

2:20 pm In clear of the traffic zone and conditions continued to be excellent. The sun even came out as we set our course closing back near shore to be about a mile & a half off Pt. San Pedro.

6:00 pm Pillar Point Harbor in Half Moon Bay 

N 37° 29.906' W 122° 29.335'

Approximately 90 miles average speed 5.5 mph

We spent some time anchoring and being on a mooring ball here at Half Moon Bay.

One of the reasons being that the lightning on the night we were transiting to Bodega had consequently erupted widespread fires all around this area of California. This created weird weather, poor visibility, and hazardous air.

Monterey Bay
Santa Cruz
Moss Landing Friends

October 29th, Thursday 2020

10:30 am Monterey Harbor

Light winds W swell 4ft at 10 sec

Mostly motored down the Big Sur coast. Just a long pretty cruise. Approximately 101 miles averaging 4.5 knots

October 30th, Friday 2020

10:30 am Morro Bay California

N 35° 21.70' W 120° 52.50'

December 19th, Saturday 2020

10:15 am Morro Bay California

NW winds 8 mph NW swell 6ft at 11 sec

Reached Mount Buchan at around 1:45 pm were strong currents were dealt with. Winds picked up to about 14 mph that created big wind waves and sloppy swell as we approached Point San Luis. We made our way in East. Entered safely in the 2,400ft breakwater.

3:30 pm Port San Luis

N 35° 09.3' W 124° 44.9'

Approximately 24 miles average speed 4 knots

December 24th, Thursday 2020

12:00 pm Port San Luis

Light variable winds NW swell 3ft at 12 sec & N 4ft at 11 sec.

3:00 pm Point Sal winds changed to SE around 8 mph with confused seas.

8:00 pm reached Point Arguello. Winds increased SW 14 mph for about 35 min. Seas choppy at that time but then became flat and winds died. Rounded Point Conception nicely barely feeling the SE winds from the gale that had blown through a few hours earlier in the channel. It was about midnight when Cojo anchorage was abeam. Continued down the Santa Barbara channel in calm conditions.

6:30 am sunrise which made sense of the numerous oil riggs we were passing in the night all light up.

December 25th, Friday 2020

11:30 am Santa Barbara Harbor

N 34° 24.1' W 119° 40.8'

Approximately 90 miles average speed 4 mph

Point Conception Sunset
Santa Barbara Channel
Santa Barbara Harbor

January 5th, Tuesday 2021

10:45 Marina Del Rey California

Light variable winds W swell 4-5ft at 10 sec

Navigated through El Segundo's mooring field in somewhat foggy conditions about 2 miles offshore. Made our approach towards the smokestacks and breakwater of Redondo Beach. Entered at the south to up the channel north and attached ourselves to a mooring ball for the night

1:15 pm Redondo Beach Harbor

also known as King Harbor

N 33° 50.3' W 118° 23.8'

Approximately 12 miles averaged 5.2 mph

January 7th, Thursday 2021

8:25 Redondo Beach Harbor

Light wind, 3-4ft W swell at 12 sec. Foggy.

Visibility less than 1/2 mile the entire way. Some dolphin sightings. Approached Los Angeles west breakwater. Large container ship entering minutes behind us, hurried, passing the two tugs awaiting ship and made it in San Pedro Bay. 

12:45 Cabrillo Way Marina

N 33° 42.4' W 118° 17.2

Approximately 22 miles average 5 mph

January 8th, Friday 2021

10:00 am Cabrillo Way Marina, Los Angeles

Foggy again. Navigated across the majority of the Los Angeles harbor area in the dense fog. Went by the Queen Mary and then out to a mooring by Island White


January 10th, Sunday 2021

7:15 am Island White Los Angeles California

Light wind W swell 3ft at 14 sec. clear sky, good visibility out of the breakwater. Motorered about 1/2 mile offshore most of the way.

11:00 am Newport Beach Harbor

N 33° 35.06' W 117° 52.69'

Navigated the main channel all the way to a guest dock at Lido village. Provisioned the boat with food and visited with Sage!

4:00 pm Anchored east of Lido Isle

Approximately 20 miles

Nellie gets her passport

May 4th, Tuesday 2021

7:00am San Diego Harbor

Winds light and variable W swell 4-5ft at 10 sec

Partly cloudy. Dolphin sightings entire way a few times a pod of as many as 100. Motored the 71 miles approximately 2 miles offshore. Sunset around 8:30 pm shortly after entered Bahia Todos Santos. Navigated to Hotel Coral & Marina fuel dock.

9:15 pm Ensenada, Baja California Mexico

N 31° 51.692' W 116° 39.727

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