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The Dead Sea's Minerals

The Dead Sea is a unique source of some of the most crucial minerals and salts in the world, twelve of which are unique and can be found nowhere but here. Some of these minerals are almost identical to the minerals of our body, mainly found in the skin cells. Replenishing these provides supreme nourishment for your skin .The Dead Sea is the world’s most ancient spa. Throughout history, kings, queens and commoners have gone to the Dead Sea for its healing power for skin conditions and other ailments. Dead Sea minerals are known to cure skin disorders through strengthening the skin tissues, maintaining the chemical balance of the skin, stimulating blood circulation and eliminating toxins from the skin. In addition to treating and soothing conditions like psoriasis, acne, and eczema, Dead Sea mud and bathing in Dead Sea salt water can be used to treat rheumatological diseases, which are inflammatory and autoimmune diseases that cause your immune system to attack your organs, bones, muscles, and joints. The presence of phosphorous can also be a source of energy because it promotes internal respiration of the cell thus providing energy for cellular and muscular activities. The salt and mud will also calm the nervous system due to the presence of bromide, zinc, and magnesium which are known to have relaxing properties thus, revitalizing and relieving stress from the body. As such a precious resource, the Dead Sea is now under heavy protection. This means that only a few producers and brands have been accredited to harvest directly from the sea. Some of the most prominent of the minerals and their benefits are:

Bromine (Br): anti-inflammatory properties, soothes the skin and relaxes muscles.

Iodine (I): improves the functionality of the thyroid gland and assists the skin cells’ metabolism.

Sulfur (S): known as the therapeutic mineral. It contains essential vitamins and acts as a natural disinfectant and anti-bacterial agent – thus making it a highly essential reliever for several skin conditions such as Acne Psoriasis and Eczema.

Potassium (K): the key moisture regulator, assist in preserving a neutral skin environment.

Signs of potassium deficiency include abnormally dry skin and acne as well as flare ups of Psoriasis.

Calcium (Ca): acts as the building block for corrective tissue beneath the skin’s surface and plays an important role in cell protection. It also regulates cell membrane permeability and normalizes skin cells’ differentiation.

Sodium (Na): enhances skin cells metabolism, relieves muscle cramps and stiffness while keeping a neutral environment within skin cells.

Zinc (Zn): highly known for its importance for natural regulation of cell growth and regeneration. It also eases skin cell renewal and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, enhances sebo-regulation and possesses anti-inflammatory properties. It is a great anti-oxidant and protector against free radicals and a natural UV rays blocker.

Strontium (Sr): highly effective against itching, reduces the signs of Irritant Contact Dermatitis.

Manganese (Mn): most known for its powerful anti-oxidant properties, but also for its ability to increase skin micro-circulation and improve the condition of skin’s tissues.

Boron (B): assists in relieving the symptoms of psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis.


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