Kippot for sale
Kippot For Sale

The practice of wearing a Kippah, Yarmulke. or head covering evolved from a single statement in the Babylonian Talmud, in which Rabbi Huna says he would not walk a distance of four cubits with an uncovered head, “since the Divine Presence is above my head.” Over the years, keeping one’s head covered became a sign of humility before Hashem. The Kippah is a symbol worn by man to show belief in the existence of the Creator and His presence everywhere, to show modesty and respect towards Him. The Kippah is also a symbol of the Jewish nation and sets us aside from the rest of the world. Jews throughout history gave their lives for this important mitzvah knowing that a person’s external behavior affects his inner being. Please enjoy our selection of Kippot all handcrafted in Israel